Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Red faction: Guerilla

I am really looking forward to getting this game, didn't like the demo, though i have been told the game is far better than the demo itself. I watched the trailer a few days ago and it looks fantastic Great physics, great engine, great multiplayer. Really looking forward to getting it, if you haven't seen the trailer here's the link- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE5ecIpTEb4

If you have got the game add some comments and tell me if it is worth getting, cheers. :)
What do you love about Gears of war2? I love the awesome cover system and the insane shotgun damage, love the headshots, torgue is sick for blindfiring and has some pretty damn good visuals!

What do you hate about Gears of war2? What i hate most about Gears of war 2 is the LAG, the host advantages(Specialy when the host is lvl 1). If you're not sure what the host is, it is a player who has a super fast connection, we have to run on his connection, so if his connection sucks balls then were gunna lag like hell....

Post your opinions please :)!
If you can't decide what games to buy for your xbox360 console, you have come to the right place...

Okay to start of with, if you want to be an online gamer i would recommed first-person or third-person shooters such as Gears of war1-2, this is a great third-person shooter game, includes a great multiplayer campaign and not to mention the amount of fun you have online, this game requires strategy and patients becuase lag will come and slap you in the face, this game has ALOT OF LAG!! but if you can handle it, i suggest you buy this gory ass game.

For quick first person shooters, with my experience these games contain very little lag, COD4 & Halo3. These games are great fun with friends but for me it became very repetitive. I enjoyed many things in COD4 becuase it felt so real, it actualy felt like you were in a real war, camping with your sniper and actually killing someone with a couple of shots.

Halo3 is a very popular MLG(Multi-League Gaming) first person shooter, this game was my first xbox live game and really had enjoyed it, had a very nice ranking system, this will make you very competitive with your mates and trying to beat their rank ;).

Bionic Commando is a very good third-person shooter, if you like the spider-man games on the Playstation2 you will love this game, swinging around with your bionic arm, killing bitches while you're in the air, i find that this is great fun. The online is 8 players max and you can do a series of diffrent game types, team deathmatch, capture the flag etc. Overall it is a very fun game and recommend renting it.

Whatsup, welcome to XboX TalK, as you can tell from the name i have set up a blog about Xbox360, I've introduced this blog becuase i want to talk about Xbox360 and help people with games & give them advice if they have a problem. I want to solve peoples problems, write reviews about upcoming games and just chat about what i love :).
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